Treatment approach of the expert system

Company founder Wolfgang Triebstein has been working on manufacturing aids for relieving and healing foot complaints for over 30 years.

During his successful career as a freelance orthopaedic shoemaker, he noticed that many customers often complained of pain in their bodies, in addition to their foot complaints.

Initially a subjective observation, the enthusiastic specialist could not get this thought out of his head, and further research, for example with the Federal Statistical Office, confirmed the following:


  • a constant increase in muscular and skeletal disorders among the German population
  • high annual growth rate of 4 - 5%
  • currently around 2.000.000 operations a year
  • women tend to be worse affected than men, but only since 1994(!)


Supported by this data, Triebstein collected and evaluated symptom profiles from his customers and found the following distribution of pain,from the bottom to the top.


With InGAsys, sufferers have the opportunity to find out the reasons for their complaints and treat the cause of the symptoms.

These influences cannot be identified with the usual electronic pressure measuring methods. For this reason, Wolfgang Triebstein decided to develop a measurement device that measures and documents very minor misplacements over an entire day.

This makes it possible to prove the real cause of constant knee, hip and back pain once and for all. Other strain-related complaints can also be identified.

Pain around the

  • outer ankle
  • Achilles tendon
  • outer calf
  • inner knee

pulling pain

  • from the iliac crest over the bottom
  • along the outside of the thigh
  • to above the knee
  • from the inside of the knee
  • to the pubic bone and/or flank
  • over the shoulders down to the fingers
  • from the nape of the neck to the forehead

radiating pain

  • on the trochanter of the thigh

  • around the lumbar

  • thoracic and

  • cervical vertebrae

The following medical diagnoses match up with these:

  • osteoarthritis of the upper/lower ankle joint
  • achillodynia
  • meniscopathy
  • patellar tendinitis
  • gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the knee) and coxarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the hip)
  • slipped disc around the lumbar and cervical vertebrae
  • diffuse back pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • osteoporosis


Simply using system

Reduction of measured values to the required parameters

Long-term measurement and documentation

To do list for buying shoes and adaption

No limitations on the patient during measurement

care free of pain