Wide area of operations of InGAsys

The InGAsys measures various parameters in the foot during the user’s normal day-to-day life. The measurement period is unlimited, but should normally be a whole day.

Unlike standard gait analysis systems, this new system does not measure pressure. It measures the behaviour of the foot as it steps, and its position on the ground when standing. This data is logged over the measurement period.
The analysis software evaluates the large volume of data and provides informative stress diagrams as well as tips on how to make changes and avoid harmful maldistribution of stress.


Why orthopaedic shoe technicians should use InGA gait analysis?

Orthopaedic shoe technology has always aimed to help people. Utmost skill in treating foot complaints, providing assistance in improving stepping patterns and treating deformities and results of injuries to the foot are the bread and butter of this challenging profession.

Unfortunately, complaints involving the musculoskeletal system have increased dramatically over recent decades. Orthopaedic shoe technology looks for the source of these at just the right place: the foot.

However, the results of the measures that have already been implemented generally have room for improvement. With InGAsys gait analysis, the expert can trace and document everyday maldistribution of stress over an extended period. The success of measures can be electronically checked and proven following treatment. This will save the expert a lot of time and help the customer considerably.

Existing pressure measurement systems can also be used as a support.


Simply using system

Reduction of measured values to the required parameters

Long-term measurement and documentation

To do list for buying shoes and adaption

No limitations on the patient during measurement

care free of pain