Cause and prevention

Nightly cramps in the calf are a common and very painful impairment of our sleep.

Normally, ingestion of magnesium can prevent these nuisances, but unfortunately it does not always work.

It is important to recognise the cause of these cramps, in order to prevent them.

One common kind of cramps is triggered by the long toe flexor and extensor muscle. The extensor is located at the front next to the shinbone, the flexor at the back, beneath the gastrocnemius (calf muscle). By putting pressure on the anterior musculature, the likelihood of cramps in the calf is detectable.

To minimize and prevent these cramps, it is sufficient to grant the toes enough space so that they do not border on the inside of the shoe.Quick relief can be achieved by passive movement of the toes. It is important not to move them yourself because the musculature has to be completely relaxed.

After ten minutes of massaging the toes, the likelihood of cramps in the calf is dramatically reduced. This exercise should be repeated every day before bed time.Additionally, walking barefoot on uneven ground or sand decreases the chances of cramps and strengthens the musculature.


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