Course of treatment

  1. Preliminary examination

 Pain anamnesis

 All spontaneously occurring pains are documented in a questionnaire, rated by their commonness.

 Foot print-Analysis

 Analysis of: fitting-quotient, ball-angle, gait deviation-angle.

 All threats, resulting from injuries or attrition that have a negative impact on ones gait are determined.

Assessment of worn shoe ware

 Assessment of: shoe size/width, sole consistence, structural stability

 All negative influences caused by worn shoe ware are detected and their impacts on the human body explained.



  1.  Long term measurement with InGAsys

 Trial metering while standing

 12 hour measurement during everyday life/activities



  1. Treatment based on examination and measurement data

 Evaluation and explanation of the collected data

 Visualisation of recorded malpositions and their effects on the musculoskeletal system


 Manufacturing of active insoles by InGAsys standards

 Integration of necessary elements to compensate recorded malpositions


Wear of individualised insoles over a three day trial period

 Completing a three day anamnesis questionnaire


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Individuals with afflictions in the musculoskeletal system

Sportsman with a high muscular injury risk

Pain patients without therapeutic success

Elderly with multiple joint problems